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This is my personal recommendation for looking after your paint work

The right steps to paint care are shown below in the right order of application.

1) Armourfend for stone chip protection This is an optional step but in my mind makes sense!

2) Paint work sealants for preventing oxidation and discolouring This is an optional step and makes no difference to the washing requirements

3) Weekly washing routine Please note. No polish required unless the paint work needs reviving due to oxidation etc

4) Washing tools and products for an easy life

1) Armourfend.

This is a plastic film a bit like clingfilm that covers the vunerable areas of your car. Click the link to see their FAQ

Warning of you do stage 2 first Armourfend will not stick!


2) Paint work sealants AmazingGlaze and Diamondbrite.

Diamondbrite and Amazing glaze are paint work sealants that chemically bond to the paint. They last about 3 years and stop things like bird lime marking the paint. They also prevent build up of oxidation

They are not magic finishes that negate the need to wash your car

They do not stop stone chips ( in case you wondered)

If you use a company to apply the stuff for you, it will cost £200-£400

If you buy it yourself (as I did with Amazing Glaze on my TT) it costs £50, quite a profit margin in that eh!!

If you apply these first you will not be able to put armourfend on your car which does stop stone chips, since the glue will not stick to the paint work


3) Weekly care of the paint work.

Firstly the presumption is that your paint work is in good condition

I spoke with AutoGlym technical to confirm my process but you may wish to check with them as well

1) Your normal car care routine on new paint work should involve a good wash with AutoGlym shampoo & bodywork conditioner and then once it's clean and dry apply a coat of EGP/liquid hard wax (it's the same thing)

2) You do not need to use wax as the EGP is a chemical sealant that acts as a wax and beads the water

3) Older or marked paint work can washed then polished with SRP (Super Resin Polish), being aware that this is mildly abrasive. Finally coat with EGP/Liquid hard wax

With EGP depending on the conditions that the vehicle goes through (i.e. bad weather salt etc.) he said you should do 3 or four times a year but more often use would not hurt. I use it every couple of weeks!

Why AutoGlym?

Well I've started using it after reading other reccomendations and found it very effective. The EGP is fast to apply and fast to polish off, then it lasts for ages making it very easy to wash next time around.


4) Tools and Products.

I use AutoGlym because I find it does the job. Halfords sell it, or if your a Member of the TT members club then then TT shop will supply everything you need.

My wash routine goes like this.

I use AutoGlym shampoo and conditioner to wash the car

Then I get most of the water off the car with a TurtleWax blade

Then I use a fabulous cloth called a Ultra fibre cloth, this little beauty absorbs the remaining water and removes smears with ease. Much faster than a leather and much easier on the paint

Then if I am appying EGP I use a Halfords circular polish applicator pad to apply it and another Ultra fibre cloth to polish it off

Hey presto one amazing clean car and almost no effort.