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It only affects one window at any one time and it's intermittent

It's produced when two people exit the car and shut the doors within a very close time frame, about the same amount of time that you can say "shut,,shut".

NOT BOTH AT EXACTLY THE SAME time it’s about half a second between doors closing.

It's always the first door that shuts whose window drops and it happens as soon as the second door closes.

If you get this problem you will have to put your keys back in the ignition and turn it on to be able to close the window. Report this issue to your dealer by explaining you have 2cm drop

Below is the dealer reference information for the problem, Audi have also named this 2cm drop!! (I suppose it's their issue they can call it what they like)

HST2 Bulletin TT Windows Dropping
Audi File ID 24003  (TSH 4.5-371)

There are also a couple of circumstances that cause problems when you are actually in the car and using the windows.

Window loses its memory and does not drop the standard 3mm when the door is opened or raise 3mm when the door is closed.

One touch button open and close also does not work so you need to reprogram as follows:

1) Open the window

2) Lift and hold the button until the window has closed

3) Release the button and then lift it again for a few seconds

4) This should have reset the window