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Our car is a MK1 “S Line”  We’ve had it from new in 2001 and it’s just done over 100k miles in 2022.  

It’s pretty much standard and has been fully maintained regularly by Audi.

This car was used by Audi Tech in Milton Keynes to diagnose and fix the 2cm drop issue which was plaguing TT owners.  They would find one window open by 2cm with no explanation.

Having experienced the same thing one morning I spent hours trying to replicate it and eventually found the cause.

I then spent several months working my way through my Audi dealer, Audi UK and eventually, the then Audi UK MD Steven Rose, who got the ball rolling with Audi Tech to provide a fix.

I am just now updating this site for the first time in over 15 years !      (Oct 22)

MK1 S Line History

After visiting a car meet at Ockham Bites this month I realised that not many people know how the S Line MK1 came to be.  As we purchased our car in 2001 I can relay first hand what I remember.

Prior to the MK1 Facelift the TT had 17” wheels and a slightly higher suspension setting.  Coincidentally at the time I started to look for a TT, Audi released a special edition which was 1 car per dealer (some dealers may have had a couple).  

This car was S Line badged and available in either Avus Silver or Milano Red.  It had nine spoke 18” wheels and a 20mm lowered suspension. Mine was from Newbury and has silver grey leather seats. I also saw a Milano red with baseball stitched brilliant red seats in Basingstoke Audi.  

The front headlights had a titanium inlay and the gear knob was aluminium.  On the sides towards the rear you will see the SLine badges.  The “Limited Edition” was priced at about £3k more than the standard TT.  I kind of think this was a market test to see what the interest would be.  What happened next was that the TT was Face Lifted and all of the S Line features became standard.  

And then a real moment in history occurred because Audi gave back to each S Line owner the £3k difference in the price.  It was a fantastic gesture and much appreciated.